ZBP reaches out to Jeevit’s House – an outreach to AIDs orphans in Cambodia.

Jeevit’s House was founded in March of 2010 in Battambang, Cambodia Battambang. Their mission is to see children affected by HIV/AIDS provided for, trained, and equipped for an amazing future. In extreme circumstances, they provide short-term housing for children until they are able to return home or be placed in foster care. They come alongside families affected by AIDS and help them stay together. They help meet daily needs (such as ensuring children get proper nourishment, attend doctor’s visits, and offer a safe place where the community can spend time). They invest in the lives of these people because they believe that every single one matters.

In February, ZBP will be sending t-shirts to Jeevit’s House. But in light of everything they do, that doesn’t seem near enough. So, through the end of January, all proceeds from ZBP purchases will be donated to Jeevit’s House. As they work alongside families affected by AIDs in a poverty stricken country, every little bit of financial assistance helps.

For every blanket or shirt purchased at $15, $7 will be donated. Want to simply make a donation? Wonderful! It’s tax-deductible and greatly appreciated! E-mail info@zoeblanketproject.org for more information or to place your order!