Zoe in Action

Project Hope

Gifts of encouragement are sent to children suffering illness or tragedy, who could use the gentle reminder that, despite current circumstances, God has a plan just for them.

Zoe Totes

Reusable tote bags are filled with a Zoe blanket, outfit, knit hat, hand written note – and depending upon location of donation, Bible, diapers, and wipes. These totes are delivered to local hospitals for families who are struggling financially – often as a result of their child being in NICU. They are also distributed to children leaving the hospital in the care of the state or a placement agency.



Gabby’s Project

Memorial blankets are provided to parents who have lost a child to miscarriage, stillbirth, neo-natal, or infant death. So often these situations are ignored, forgotten, or met with thoughtless words. Our heart is to make sure these parents know even in the valley of the shadow of death, God IS with them.

The Zoe Blanket Project




Our foster care initiative aimed to eliminate trashbags and stigmas. It’s more than a bag. It’s hope. It’s dignity. It’s love. You can find more on this project on the #morethanabag site.



Mission GO (Global Outreach)

Reaching beyond our community, into the world. Assisting orphanages, hospitals, and children’s organizations in poverty stricken countries. To date we have sent support to Liberia, Haiti, Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and the horn of Africa.