Testimonies and Notes of Thanks

thailand2“I just want to take the time to thank each of you for supporting the ZBP! You are helping so many children and families through this project. Seeing the joy and emotion these kids express when they hear that God has a plan and purpose for them, because He loves us far more than we can imagine, is beyond describable!” – K.F.,
Missionary to Southeast Asia




HaitiZBP“To think that the actions of people they don’t know – people I don’t know – made that moment possible – is just a reminder of God’s goodness and grace. That He really does, and will, provide for all of our needs! Thank you again so much… I wish people who support this project could see the light in the faces of the little kids that I get to see. Because then, they would know the impact they are having – and why we all need to support the ZBP in all their endeavors.” – J.T., Missionary to Haiti



A Tote“Thank you for the beautiful bags you donated for new moms. The social workers are thankful to have something so beautiful to give moms.” – M.D., Volunteer Coordinator

“Thank you so much for everything…. With the increasing gas prices, many of our financially marginal families will find themselves in need of items for their babies.” – J.S., Social Worker




“I can’t begin to thank you enough for donating the blankets! The moms were so grateful! They were perfect. To have something brand new and clean was such a blessing. The scripture will continue to remind them of God’s plans.” – C.B., Missionary to Liberia





jaxThank you very much for the blankets and Veggie Tales DVD. The DVD has become a favorite of my girls. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.” – Family of a soldier killed in action

“Thank you for being God’s hands and feet, and spreading His fragrance of love through this gift. Thank you… I know she will be blessed by this!” – T.B., No Boundaries International

“We received a surprise in the mail today from The Zoe Blanket Project. This is baby with his blanket and the video you sent for his big brother. Thank you so very much!!! The gifts are truly appreciated         and the prayers are treasured. ” – S., Mom of little guy who had open heart surgery